Helpful Docs

Project Structure

  • packages - shared internal packages across coinstacks
  • coinstacks/common - common coinstack logic to reduce duplication
  • coinstacks/{coin} - coin specific logic
  • **/pulumi - pulumi infrastructure logic for deployment


  • Node.js
    • NVM (recommended to install Node.js and npm)
  • Yarn - package management

Initial Setup

  • Any commands should be run from within unchained/node
  • Install Node.js LTS
    • (Optional) use nvm to automatically install the node version specified in .nvmrc
      nvm use
  • Install Yarn
    npm install --global yarn
  • Install dependencies:
  • Build project:
    yarn build
    build step must be run locally before attempting to docker-compose up
  • Copy sample env file:
    cp coinstacks/ethereum/sample.env coinstacks/ethereum/.env
  • Fill out any missing variables